couple on bicycleThe primary focus of this blog is on achieving balance in the home–both nutritionally and emotionally.

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Key Points to My Overall Wellness Philosophy:

  • Eating local, sustainable produce, meat and eggs is the most healthy way to obtain your nutritional needs. I am not a vegetarian. I eat wild caught salmon and grass-fed meats. I drink non-homogenized milk. I use organic butter and unprocessed cheeses. I avoid palm oil and soy in all foods.
  • If you add more vegetables to your plate you will feel better and naturally lose weight. Avoiding vegetables is a habit among many of us, me included. This is something I still struggle with daily. I would rather eat a piece of cake than a carrot but I try to choose wisely and avoid refined sugars as much as possible.
  • Bread can be very healthy. It is, after all, the “staff of life.”
  • God made an abundance of delicious foods for us to enjoy and everyone is different. No one fad diet plan will provide all of the nutrition we need. We should listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. If something makes us feel ill, avoid it. Not all foods are meant for every person.
  • The use of essential oils and herbs in home remedies to promote health.
  • Striving for balanced emotions is extremely important. This can be achieved through the use of aromatherapy and exercise.
  • We all must get up and move around as much as possible. These days it is so common to sit at a desk in front of a computer for hours on end. I do it too. We were not designed to sit all day long. We lose muscle mass and gain fat in it’s place. Stop this cycle by at least going for a daily walk or exercising at home with the help of a DVD and/or exercise equipment.


rsz_me_planting_chard_original“I am a suburbanite stay-at-home mom, licensed aesthetician, novice baker, aromatherapist, herb gardener with an educational background in business administration and social sciences. I run a small home-based business, Sunflower Herbals, and want to share with you my knowledge of aromatherapy, herbalism and holistic nutrition. For many years I was fit with an ideal weight. I was a super busy person with absolutely no time to even think about getting bored or unhealthy. After struggling with two difficult pregnancies, anemia, mononucleosis and, subsequently, fibromyalgia and weight gain, I am learning many valuable lessons on my journey back to good health.”