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  • You have tons of nervous energy, and insomnia can be a real issue for you. Everyone shares certain personality traits but most people are predominantly one, more than the others. Because your personality aroma is lull-a-bye, you are most likely to become stressed because you are constantly on the go. You enjoy your spiritual/sensual side,… [Continue Reading]

    On the go
  • Generally speaking, you really don’t like anything strenuous (even though it’s good for you!). Your pillow or couch seem to call your name throughout the day. “Why bother today what can be put off until tomorrow?” is a concept you are very familiar with. Each person has a predominant personality type. While we all share… [Continue Reading]

  • You enjoy new ideas, and leadership is usually a natural position for you. While we all share certain personality traits, you will generally be predominantly one or the other. You are most likely to become stressed due to worrying, anger and being judgmental. When calm and balanced, competitive people are great fun to be around.… [Continue Reading]

  • You can maintain equilibrium by healing your imbalances. You are one in a million. Not many people are truly balanced. You have an equal balance in all three personality types. You are naturally balanced in all things. What does this mean? — When you have an imbalance, your stress comes from being disconnected with yourself.… [Continue Reading]

  • What better way to thank someone for sharing your special day than to gift them with a sweet little surprise? Sunflower Herbals can help you thank your guests of any occasion with our sweet and useful celebration favors. Each tiny box or bag has something unique tucked away inside.

    Celebration Favors

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